Monday 28 May 2012


And here we are at the start of the last week of the half term which has all gone terrifyingly quickly.  I seem to have been extremely busy with nothing to show, although the amount of work in the children's books tells a different story.  It's a four day week as Friday is report writing day and is Jubilee week so the afternoons will be very red, white and blue!.

Yesterday was pleasant although I was very tired and slept much of the afternoon away.  This was lucky because I spent most of the evening in front of the PC sorting out hustings questions for the OUSA Officer elections, in the company of two other mods.  By the time we stopped, we were all making silly mistakes from sheer tiredness, but we got loads done so that was good.  One more evening's work should see it done.
The morning was busier.  I popped out to Hobbycraft and ended up buying some more sock/glove yarn.  The knitting is on a go slow at the moment because there's so much else to do but come half term I will be able to make up for lost time.  I also found (elsewhere on the same site) some Morny lavender soaps, very much reduced, so I treated myself.

It appears that today we may get storms.  Not in school time, I sincerely hope.  Some children can be terrified of storms!  However, I have taken the garden cushions into the shed, just in case!  The garden could do with a good soaking, that's for sure!

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