Thursday 3 May 2012


Another nice day yesterday, and by that I mean a 'not raining' day.  The children got all their playtimes (always a good thing) and the parents didn't get wet at drop off and pick up time. 

Today is Thursday.  Outdoor PE day.  So, of course, it's been raining, continues to rain at the moment and the forecast is for - guess what - yup, rain!  So yet again outdoor PE will be cancelled in favour of maths.  Oh, dear!

Yesterday we (and I include me in this) finger printed blossom on our tree skeletons.  No-one made an almughty mess, everyone was more or less careful with where they placed their blossom and the results were pretty impressive.  This afternoon it is the leaves!  And planting beans!  I have a lovely mum helper so it should all get done, hopefully.  Fingers crossed!

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