Thursday 17 May 2012


Apologies for no entry yesterday but I'm back now.

Wasn't the weather gorgeous?  It was round here anyway, although I had a shock when I saw the frost first thing.  I hadn't realised there was a possibility of frost and had left my baby tomato plants outside, darn it!  Fortunately the frost wasn't really penetrating and the plants were not affected.  It's milder today but, I gather, rain is due.  Of course, it has to be.  It's outside games day!

It was a busy day.  PPA with a lot of copying and downloading, a very croaky voice that led me to cancel my recorder club at lunchtime and a meeting after school that I had forgotten about, but was reminded, thank goodness.  It got me out of staff meeting, which was OK, but meant more wear and tear on the vocal cords (or is it chords?).  Here's hoping today won't be quite so frantic, one way and another.

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