Monday 7 May 2012


. . . and I've started knitting a glove.  And before anyone makes comment regarding the previous entry, I have finished one sock and need J to try it on before I start the other, so there!
So, it's gloves.  Bit complicated but I'm getting there and will post a photo when (or if) . . .

It's sunny today!  Real, honest sunshine.  Lovely to see it after so many gloomy mornings.  As it's so pleasant, I may pop out and do a bit of gardening.  I have a whole load of white 'bluebells' (can't remember the proper name, can anyone help) that are crowding the middle bed - they're lovely but jolly invasive and need to go!

Anyone know their proper name?

The sum total of blosson on my little Redlove apple tree.  More than I expected as it's the first year I have had it, so no complaints!  A pretty colour.
I went to a 60th Birthday Bash last night - a jolly good one too.  There were lots of folk from school, some of whom I hadn't seen for ages as they retired/left.  There was a buffet but I was - er - I focused on the salted peanuts!!  There was a cabaret with a rather good singer and backing tracks.  He used to be in the 80s group Wall Street Crash which rang a bell, even in my aged mind!  Thanks for driving, L.  And a big thanks for the invitation and Happy Birthday to you, Marion, have a wonderful day today!

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