Thursday 31 May 2012


Last day of the half term.  Jubilee Day.  All very good reasons for feeling happy and celebratory. 

It is also non-uniform day.  We are all wearing red, white and blue in exchange for bringing something in for the June Fair.  The children will be hyper from the word go.  I love to watch them showing each other their outfits before they come into class and register will be later than usual as they will take so much longer to settle down!

At lunchtime it will be a right royal picnic (weather permitting), all out of the field together, packed lunches and school dinners, which is a 'pick a picnic' day where the children have a little box and they select from a sort of buffet and put their choices in their box before going out onto the field to eat.  I gather the MDAs intend to decorate the hall early this morning, which will be lovely!  And then later on in the afternoon we're all congregating in front of the music platform (outside) for a singsong, speeches, 'champagne' (really lemonade) and cakes.  They have learnt God Save The Queen and the chorus to Rule Britannia and the juniors will sing Land of Hope and Glory!  One of my colleagues sings like an angel and she will provide the verses to R B.   Very Last Night of the Proms-ish, isn't it?

Yesterday morning, in the ICT suite, they all produced very bright Jubilee pictures, mostly union flags (which is not as easy to reproduce as one would expect) and a few pictures of Her Majesty on horseback, all of which got stuck on sticks so now they have TWO flags to wave in the singsong.  And in the afternoon we made 'crowns', which they just loved.  Which reminds me - I don't have a flag.  We can't have that!!!

All in all, it was a very happy day yesterday and I expect that today will be equally happy, not to mention noisier!

My birthday rose is flowering and I thought it very appropriate to have this as today's photo!

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