Sunday 20 May 2012

May garden

A picture post with words!

Attractive texture

I'm watching you!!

I do love my perennial wallflowers - they give colour month after month after month . . .

The aquilegias have a much shorter flowering time but, oh, they are so very pretty and delicate - and sometimes there's a second showing later on, so double value!

As I can now say with authority - phlox subulata 'Candystripes'.  Not that I bought this for its name, I bought it because it is pretty and interesting.  I wonder if I can split it - must look that up!  It would look nice round the front too.

Lavender is one of my favourites, although these don't have the scent that the 'ordinary' variety does.  They are more for their looks and they do a good job in that department!

And here it is again.  The bush that thinks it's a tree (aka sambucus nigra Black Beauty)  which just keeps on fighting back year after year.  It's such a survivor, I don't want to get rid of it despite its size and, if I ever have to, I will first take cuttings, buy a huge pot and keep it in that, where it can grow much more to its heart's content.

I ought to know this but can't find the name in my brain.  A cutting from mum last year, it's taken very well!
Edited:  Thanks Annabeth - it's a euphorbia!


And finally . . . 

This is what I wanted . . . (with leaves, of course)

. . . and this is what the plant wanted . . .

There's no doubt who has won that particular argument, is there?  Darn it!!!

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