Friday 18 May 2012


Last day of this working week.  SEN day.  Important meeting p.m.  And waking up this morning was almost comfortable.  The cold seems to be on the way out and the voice is creeping back in again.  It never totally went, it was just rusty like an old gate hinge.  Fortunately, I was able to rest it for most of yesterday afternoon so it is getting a chance to recover.

Yesterday, after school it was 'Inflatable Day'.  Not a whole day, thank goodness, just a couple of hours from end of school to about half past five.  We have it once a year.   Huge big inflatables are put up all over the field and, after paying their due and receiving a wrist band, the children can go on any that they fancy (supervised by parents and staff, of course).  Huge fun.  However, it all has to be set up and they do that in the afternoon.  Not a problem - except that the year 1 classrooms look out over the field, so you can whistle for any 'proper' work while all that exciting stuff is going on the other side of the glass.  So it was blinds down and educational videos (yes, they were educational - the likes of Words and Pictures or Fourways Farm) on, hence the voice resting opportunity.
And today they will come into school all e-numbered out after the amount of junk food on sale to keep them fizzing over with hyper-excitement.

And it's just ten school days until half term.  Really must get seriously going with the reports . . .

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