Monday 7 May 2012

Mango and lychee water ice. One that worked.

. . . and it's not too calorific either.  It's more of a water ice than a sorbet, not as rich and 'creamy' textured as a sorbet.

Ingredients to serve - well, however many you want it to serve really, as long as it isn't too many.
1 pot of mango in juice (all the mango in cans seems to be in syrup)
1 can lychees (they are in syrup but the syrup is drained off)
some lime or lemon juice
truvia to taste (I didn't use any)
one egg white

Method (ice cream maker version). 
Drain the lychees.  I chucked the syrup but I guess it could be used in a smoothie or something.
Drain the mango, reserving the juice.
Zizz the mango and lychees in a blender.  The lychees don't go totally smooth and I like having the 'bits' but if you wanted it smooth I think you'd have to push the goo through a sieve.
Add the juice and the lime or lemon juice (I used lime) and mix well.  taste and add sweetener if needed
* Pour into the ice cream maker and churn until all icy and 'slushy'.
Whisk the egg white to the firm peak stage and fold into the slush.
Put back in the ice cream maker and churn until properly frozen.
Place in a freezer proof container and place straight in the freezer.  I put it in little plastic pots so all I need to do is life one out when I want some.

Ordinary method.
From *, pour into a freezable container and freeze the mixture until it is slushy, then fork over until all the ice crystals have broken up..  Whisk the egg white and fold in well.  Pour pack into the container and freeze (or into little pots and freeze.

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