Sunday 6 May 2012

Sunday afternoon

And here I am, back home after spending a day with Mum and Dad and watching the Arcadians' latest show, 'Honk'.  I'd never heard of it before - it's a version of The Ugly Duckling, suitable for children but with plenty in it for adults too and, I think, one of the best shows I have ever seen them do (and that's saying something).  It was a minor tragedy that, because it's not an old favourite, the ticket sales were low and even on the final night the theatre was about 2/3 full when usually it is a sell out.  Well, those who decided not to go missed an absolute treat, that's all I can say.  Their next show is Godspell - hopefully that will bring in the punters in greater numbers.  But I would say that if you get the chance to see 'Honk' it is a show worth the seeing.  All about being different and OK, incredibly funny in places and also very moving.

I stayed at the parental homestead until ten this morning, expecting to visit Bickerdykes on the way out of Letchworth because I needed to buy a present for a friend who is celebrating her 60th this weekend.  Annoyingly, it wasn't opening until 10:30 so I beetled off towards home and stopped off at a garden centre en route.  Not as exciting place on the inside as it looks as if it should be on the outside, but I did manage to find a rose called 'Birthday' and a very pretty card, so that was good.  I'm sure it will be a most acceptable gift and I hope it will give years of pleasure.

When I arrived home, I found a parcel tucked behind the green box.  it turned out to be a birthday pressy from a very dear friend, Jen.   In it there were two five needle sets of double ended knitting needles in sized I had problems finding locally, a couple of patterns including a glove pattern which I want to try, a delightful card with a lovely message and a 100g ball of a yarn I saw on line, really loved and tried to buy, only to find they were out of stock.  It's by Opal, in the Vincent range and the colours are based on the Starry Night painting:  it's absolutely gorgeous.  Jen, many, many thanks.

It's now so very tempting to start knitting it up but I am in the middle of a pair of socks for a friend's birthday and MUST NOT start anything else until this project is finished.   Must not, must not, must not . . .

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