Friday 4 May 2012


I was right.  PE was cancelled, although it had stopped raining by then.  However, it's all very well for the older juniors who bring their own trainers in for outdoor PE, but there is absolutely no way I could cope with 29 pairs of (probably unnamed) plimmies drying around the classroom after they got dripping wet in the puddles.  Totally impractical, especially considering the size of the bays, which are grossly undersized for their purpose (as stated on an official report).  So it was three cheers for maths instead!  OK, so maybe not three cheers . . .

It was a very ambitious afternoon's work too, yesterday.  The trees in blossom pictures had to be finished, twenty nine runner bean seeds had to be planted in 29 transparent drinking cups (in order to see what would happening) and 29 'packets of seed' for the role play area had to be made.  We got there, thanks to help from a lovely mum.  Thanks very much, Mrs R.  So after play we were able to watch and enjoy the last Mr Rotivator video.

Ages ago, which staying at my parents one weekend, I read in Dad's paper that the schools programmes people had made a set of three programmes for younger children about plants, growing, etc, with a very likeable character called 'Mr Rotavator'  (this was in the days of Mr Motivator fame - remember him?) who loves his plants.  We have been watching them this week and the children have just loved them.  Must transfer my recordings on to a DVD: the video player is getting decidedly dodgy!

I wonder if we will see the sun today . . .

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