Wednesday 9 May 2012


Well, after a most dismal start, yesterday turned out pretty well with warmth and sunshine.  Playtime duties were pleasant, despite not being able to go onto the field and that's now done and dusted for another week.

Yesterday was DG's birthday.  Another year on and so much has changed and continues to change.  As he reminded his mum 'I'm old enough for a Facebook account now'.  Consequently, a message pinged through in the evening asking me to be a 'friend'.  I know DD has hedged him around with all the security on offer and I am intrigued as to what he will make of it.  I suspect that he will find the reality a lot less exciting than the idea!

School was good although it took a while for the children to wake up!  Rather a lot of them had been out for some sort of treat the day before and had a lot to talk about, bless them: even more so when they looked at their beans.  One bean looked as if it was going mouldy and the little owner was downcast until I reminded him of the spares for swapsies, if needs be.  Then he cheered up.  Life is full of downs and ups,isn't it?

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