Thursday 31 May 2012

Thursday later on.

Scene:  end of school.  The children have gone back to their places to pick up all their things for home and then line up by the outside door.  Polite Little Boy is still standing by his chair, exchanging pleasantries with a friend, oblivious to the fact that everyone else (including aforementioned friend) has picked up their collective things and are standing in line.  Fortunately (for him), I am in a good mood.

Me:   Polite Little Boy, you're a bit slow to pick up your things.  Do you think that might be because you are chatting too much to your friend?
P L B:  (looking somewhat misunderstood) I'm not chatting, Mrs Clark.
Me:  I think you are, I saw you.
P L B:  I'm not chatting, I'm HAVING A CONVERSATION!!!
Me:  (speechless, but not for long)


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