Saturday 12 May 2012


So sorry about my non-appearance yesterday.  After such a busy and stressed Thursday, I couldn't get any thoughts together in the morning and by the evening I was so tired I didn't remember to blog.

I'm glad it's the weekend.  Apart from feeling very weary, I seem to have gone down with another cold, most likely acquired from the head who is up to her eyeballs in snuffles and coughs at the moment.  Let's hope it clears quickly - I can't be doing with another three or four months of aches and snot!

Yesterday was OK.  It was SEN day and I spent the morning (and some of the afternoon) getting prepared for next week's Important Meeting.  All done now, more or less, thank goodness, so I just need to get the planning finished and then I can relax.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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