Tuesday 1 May 2012


Diane always seems to get the pinch and punch in before I do so I will come up with 'white rabbits' instead!  May has crashed in with more heavy rain here and flood alerts in many parts of the country: after a gloriously sunny day yesterday, the clouds gathered and the rain started in the evening and it's now raining hard again.  The iGoogle forecast has been changed from 'chance of rain' to simply 'rain'.  Ho hum!!!  Indoor play beckons!

Yesterday afternoon, inspired by the blossom along the main road of the estate, we started our multi technique pictures of trees in blossom.  As a starter we were talking about blossom.
Me:  Trees do have flowers but we don't always notice them (etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah) . . .  Who can tell me what 'blossom' is?
Slightly Scatty Little Girl:  It's flowers!
Me: And what happens to the flowers?
SSLG:  The insects come along and po . . . pol . .  polish them.
Me:  Yes they come and pollinate (said with emphasis) them.
(children explain what pollinate means)
Me:  And once the flower has been pollinated, what does it become?
SSLG: (triumphantly)  A BUTTERFLY!!!
Practical little boy:  Naaaah, that's cabbages!
Bewildered teacher: (speechless)

Once I had untangled this somewhat surreal conversation with an internal giggle, we painted the tree skeletons, and very good they were too!
(And you should hear them trying to remember 'photosynthesis'!)

Owly gift tag - they were all similar and very attractive.

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