Sunday 13 May 2012

Sunday morning

Just for once we had a very pleasant day yesterday.  Mostly sunny with a few cloudy spells and not a raindrop in sight and I gather today is likely to be more of the same.  No complaints from me, that's for sure.

I did a dreadful thing yesterday.  I totally forgot that DG was having a family birthday bash at the bowling alley.  I'd had a couple of glasses of rose and ordered a take away Chinese before DD phoned to remind me.  After numerous apologies and mini-panics the take away arrived early (thank goodness - that's today's meal sorted anyway) and DS drove us to the alley so it all panned out OK.  I'm very glad DD reminded me though!

And in other news, I have nearly finished my first ever glove.  Doing the fingers and thumb is quite fiddly and I'm very aware that I need to then make another one!!!  That will have to wait because I must do J's other sock. 
These things that come in pairs, eh!!!!!!!

And now I think I'm back off to bed.  I had rather a difficult night, tossing and turning with a bit of a temperature and having the most ridiculous dreams about stewed apple, roasted rhubarb and some unidentifiable tropical fruit.  I was too tired and not with it enough to think of coming down and taking some meds, silly me!

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