Sunday 27 May 2012

Sunday morning

Hot again yesterday, wasn't it?  However, it didn't seem too humid which meant we could do all the normal things without breaking out into a sweat at the least movement.  It the morning I went into town and did the necessary on my list, including paying in a cheque and buying some clothes, which made the day a bit out of the ordinary.
Once home, George turned up and gave the garden its regular haircut, after which I pootled off to Morrisons early afternoon where I found, to my disgust, that they had sold out of strawberries.  As I really didn't want to drive over to Tesco or Sainsburies, I bought raspberries and blueberries instead and hoped.  As it turned out the Pimms drink was very nice indeed and I guess any fruit would work really.  Must try it with strawberries at some point though.

I did manage a snooze in the afternoon, with the fan playing over me and after a bath I was ready to face the witches.   As always, we had a jolly good time with lots of giggles.  We got next Sunday's do sorted out as much as we can and now we all know what we're doing.  We have a new witch, S, who has moved into the house at the top and it was good to meet her.

And now I have a bowl of pimms infused fruit.  I suppose a trifle, but DD can't have trifle.  Maybe mush it a bit and fold it into yogurt.  That might work well.  Or in muffins?  Or a smoothie?  If there was more I'd have a go at jamming it but there isn't enough.  Can't waste it, that's for sure.  Any ideas, gentle readers?

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