Tuesday 22 May 2012

Tuesday evening aka Wednesday morning!

I know I've already posted one entry today but I suspect I won't be posting one tomorrow so this is me getting ahead.  Most uncharacteristic, I have to say, but maybe not such a bad thing.  Make the most of it - it may never happen ever again.

Today started off cold, misty and damp.  I was on zig-zag line duty at the back gate and my goodness, it was shiveringly cold.  I'd not put on tights nor had I brought my coat, understanding that the weather was going to be really nice and sunny.  Well, at 8:30 it wasn't but by morning play the mist had burnt away, the temperature must have risen by a good 10 plus degrees and it was absolutely gorgeous.  It was even nicer by afternoon play.  So what better day could there be to be on playground duty morning AND afternoon.  Lucky me!

I can't say too much, obviously, but today I was really very pleased with every single child in my class.  Several times.  Such a nice feeling to be able to tell them that they are all little stars and see their smily, happy, confident little faces reflecting my happiness back to me.  What other job could one do that gives such a simple, uncomplicated, wholesome pleasure?  One of those times when I could ask no more of life.

I know I keep on saying this but - my goodness, I am so very fortunate.  May I never, ever take it for granted.

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