Saturday 19 May 2012

Saturday morning

I've been thinking - reports have to be in by June 22nd at the latest.  Just one a day will get them done with no problems.  And I rarely do just one at a time..  So that's the target!

Yesterday evening was lovely.  A group of us from school went into town to see a local operatic society perform Half  Sixpence.  Two of our colleagues had parts in it, Flo and Helen (those are the parts, not my colleagues' names, I hasten to add) so there was added interest there.  It was altogether a most enjoyable evening, although I did get a throat tickle a couple of times and it was hard to control the coughing.  Fortunately, in the interval, I was able to buy a bottle of water and it was better after that.  In circumstances like that I don't resent paying the earth for a small amount of water quite as much as I usually would. 

The very important meeting yesterday went really well.  I've got used to chairing that sort of meeting now so it's not nearly as stressful as it used to be and knowing that the paperwork is all in good order also helps considerably.  The specialist teacher who came to the meeting was really lovely about the school, saying some very complimentary things.  We were talking about it afterwards, A and I, and concluded that yes, actually it is a very lovely school with a great atmosphere and we are just so used to it that we rather take it for granted.

We had some good news this week.  You may remember that last term we put in for the Artsmark award.  I think I posted a link about it at the time.  Well, after something of a delay, we heard that we have been awarded the Gold Artsmark.  We're all well chuffed because we set nothing up specially to get this, it was just based on what is normally happening and always available.  It was nice to get the artsmark award anyway but to get a gold award really was the icing on the cake.

And now it is the weekend.  Time to chill, relax and regain strength and momentum again.  Nine teaching days until half term, yay!!!

Aren't chive flower buds lovely?

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