Sunday 26 June 2011

Sunday evening

This is the first flowering of a trailing geranium which has loads of buds and promises to look absolutely gorgeous in a week or so. The crocosmias (is that a correct plural?) have shot up and have loads and loads of buds, the first of which are just starting to open. Those tall, slender leaves also add a good height and shape to the bed. The lupins are growing apace but it only takes one night for the slugs to rally. Yesterday George went over the beds with a spot of weeding, resulting in the slug pellets being buried. Today I noticed the lupins had been got at overnight so I've fought back! I fear I will never be an organic gardener though! And I must remember to harvest the lavender this week. Oh, and there are just a few mini, titchy, weeny tomatoes! Yay!!! Sometimes (often) I love my garden and having George once a week to support has made such a difference. Thank you, George, very much indeed - you really do make a difference.

DD came over with a gift. She had dug up the fruits of a potato plant and presented the results to me. They look and smell wonderful and I am so looking forward to eating a few tomorrow, boiled with mint (yes, I haven't killed the mint yet) with melting butter and a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt (only the best here, you know). And more the next day, and the next . . . Thank you so much, DD - love you!

Apart from all that, hasn't it been a glorious day? Hot enough to want to remain in the shade, but no humidity worth speaking of and, surprisingly, no hay fever hassles either. The fan has earned its space and I am hoping the measures I have taken in my bedroom will ensure that it's not too sweltering by the time I go to bed. May we all sleep well tonight.

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