Friday 3 June 2011

Friday morning

Amazingly, I slept until nearly six this morning. It's only taken me seven days to get out of the four o'clock waking habit and what's the betting it will be back again on Monday! It's lovely and sunny at the moment, promising another warm, dry day, just right for sitting out with a cold drink and a good book. A shame about those reports, isn't it?

I don't have much on the cards today apart from the aforementioned reports, unfortunately. No cooking or baking projects, no visits, no shopping to do. How dull! It feels like the half term is ending and things are getting back to what passes for 'normal' (whatever that may mean).

The front path is nearly finished: just the final touches and the making good to do now, including covering that run of concrete in the photo. It's all rather too shiny and new at the moment, as you can see in the photo, but once it has mellowed and weathered it will look quite nice. I need to think about a pot of something green at one side and the 'lawn' has taken a battering and needs some TLC - not something I'm all that good at so I need to see what's on at the garden centre. Ah-ha - that's something I need to do today! Get grass seed to cover the bare patches. ;0)

And in the longer term I need to save and save so that I can afford to get the standing space in front of the house done to match. Cheap it certainly ain't!

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