Thursday 2 June 2011

Thursday evening

I wasn't going to post again today but I'm so pleased with the skinny pizza, I must. It was scrummy. This is what I did.

I had some Morrison's Mini Tortillas. They're about 15cm across and are just over 100 calories. I had a portion of thick tomato sauce that I made earlier in the week, basically just onion, garlic, olive oil and chopped tomatoes with tomato puree, a pinch of sugar and some seasonings, all boiled up until thick and then zizzed. To that I added some oragano leaves, heated it up again (it was frozen) and then left it for the flavour to infuse. I had some finely chopped red pepper, onion and mushroom that had all been 'dry fried' until softening, some bits of left over cold meat, mostly ham, and 30g Cathedral light, finely grated.
I spread over the tomato sauce, then the chopped veg, then the meat, then a bit more veg, and finally the grated cheese. It had about ten minutes at 200C in Handy Andy: I'd say one would need the same time and temperature in an ordinary oven.

All it needed was a side salad and it filled me up. Another one I will definitely be doing again, and soon! Sorry, I forgot to take a photo though.

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