Tuesday 14 June 2011

Tuesday morning

Our school secretary must have been a very busy lady over the weekend because, when I looked in my pigeon hole first thing yesterday, all the attendance sheets had been printed out ready. I whizzed around and got the data in before school, printed the reports off and handed them in. SUCH a relief. And I was the first. I bet I wasn't the first to actually finish them, but everyone was waiting on the attendance data!

Then I was rather hard pushed to get everything ready for the day's work and to cap it all I found I had a visitor all day. We have links with Chinese teachers and one was in school yesterday and I was asked to host her. A bit unexpected but she was a lovely lady, was Emmy, and I think she enjoyed her time in my bay. She also agreed to help with Infant Assembly, which I was taking and had brought some gifts with her, so we showed them and talked a bit about China. It was lovely! She was very interested in my teaching and watched my maths lesson with the more able group very closely. She said that the children seemed much more enthusiastic than her Chinese class and showed a lot of enjoyment. I have to admit that zooming round the world on Google Earth did go down very well and the children wanted to visit all sorts of different places.

So, all in all, a good day.

However, I came home to a very sad evening. The last evening I will ever spend on FirstClass, the OU Conferencing site, due to be made Read Only today. I am not ashamed to say that there were tears and sentimental messages - there's a lot of very sad people around and we will miss our virtual campus very much.

RIP FirstClass.

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