Tuesday 7 June 2011

Tuesday morning

Looking out into to the gathering light, it still looks pretty dull and cloudy this morning, although not wet underfoot. Despite the downpour yesterday, the children got out to play morning, lunchtime and afternoon, so one can't ask for more really. They did struggle to remember to take their coats home after school though: it's been a while since they had to bring coats into school.

As I've said before, one of the occupational hazards of living in the area you teach is that ongoing recognition in shops. It's quite a regular feature of my shopping trips that a penetrating voice will suddenly exclaim loudly 'Hello, Mrs Clark' or something of the sort and one looks around to see a beaming little face, full of the joys of seeing their teacher escaping from school! If you're very lucky you will get a hug too, at which point you look around to check that mum or dad is nearby! Embarrassing as it sometimes is, the effect on those around is quite extraordinary. People smile, laugh, relax and generally cheer up when they see such a happy, shining little face. Children are wonderful like that.

Yesterday we had a great afternoon, looking at some paintings by Kandinsky and talking about the shapes, patterns and colour we could see and what they made us think of. Then I set them to drawing and colouring a Kandinksy-style 'thing'. The results were brilliant and they had an absolutely wonderful time. I thought they'd like the activity, but for most of them it was a lot more than 'like'. Today we are focusing on Concentric Circles, which should be good, and we're going to start our own 'masterpiece' using fabric and fabric paint, entitled 'concentric shapes'! Oh, the joys of cross curricular activity!

Photo: Taken last week when it was lovely and sunny.

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