Tuesday 28 June 2011

Tuesday morning

The heart of the sun.
Mediterranean diet, here I come. Loada fresh tomatoes . . . (I hope)

A single, solitary, late honeysuckle flower.

No storm. No rain overnight. Even with two fans blowing it was pretty hot in the bedroom and I slept on top of the covers for the first time this year. I hate to think what the children will be like - I slept very fitfully because of the heat and I suspect some of them will have found it uncomfortable too. Slow and steady worked yesterday and I think it will be necessary again today.

As there was no rain overnight I popped out early to give the pots a good soaking and I couldn't believe what happened. It started raining. Just a few spots but big, big ones. Of course, it started just as I was finishing and as soon as I went inside it stopped! Classic. However, maybe it is a sign of things to come and there will be more, to soak the raised beds thoroughly. Certainly the sun has gone in and the clouds are gathering. It actually feel very pleasant right at the moment but it's early and promises to be hot again later on, without any cooling rain.

Today, being Tuesday, is PPA and KS coordinator time. I've managed to keep my coordinator time intact but PPA is somewhat fragmented, what with Infant singing and then a Junior song practice for their show. Never mind, it's all good fun (!) and, with only two weeks to go, time is becoming pretty precious! I must get into school early and practice myself.
Come out, come out, wherever you are . . .

Photos: As always, from the garden. I must get out and about a bit more!

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