Monday 27 June 2011

Monday evening . . .

. . . and it's been the most sweltering day I can remember for a very long time. We started off with an unplanned lesson on 'sun safety' which revealed that every child had brought in some water (good) but that there was a sad shortage of hats and sun block (not so good), resulting in a notice on all the Infant bay windows.

After violins (baking hot in the hall) and assembly (even more baking hot in the same hall) I had a bit of respite until after playtime when it was a junior singing practise where I found myself in great demand as the only available pianist, Eric Morcambe to the contrary notwithstanding (and Mrs K Wales would know where that came from)!!! And the hall was - er - double baking hot despite the fans!

In the afternoon they amazed me. They produced some lovely writing, virtually unaided, which made me realise that the levelling I did last month and as reported in the annual reports is, in some cases, just a tad out of date.

I had to laugh in a sympathetic way. At the end of playtimes, my children all line up by sitting on a low wall just outside the bay. They're now very good at sitting and waiting. Today was no exception. The whole kit and caboodle sat on the wall to await the invite to come in and it was only when we were all sitting down and talking that I realised that the wall was so hot they had hurt their little sit-upons a bit. Bless them, I have now given them permission to stand by the wall if it's too hot as well as if it's too wet.

And also, radical me, I let them take off their ties and let their shirts hang lose. ALL DAY! For a golden oldie teacher that's mega-huge, believe me!

And will we get the thunderstorms forecast overnight? We will see! Fingers crossed.

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