Monday 13 June 2011

Monday morning

With the reports done, I feel as if things are getting back to normal again. There's still a fair bit to do, but the bulk of it is now sorted, thank goodness. I've loaded the reports onto my memory stick so that as soon as I get the remaining data I can put it in, print them off at school and hand them in, without any need to work on them at home.
And I might even start on the coloured tracking wheels today. You never know!

In other news, it's still chucking it down here which I am very grateful about. My order is as follows:
10:30 - stop raining
1:15 - start raining
3:10 - stop raining
5:00 onward - rain all you like until tomorrow morning.
A few days of that should sort out the dry gardens and allotments nicely.
Must check the weather forecast and see what the prospects are.

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