Monday 6 June 2011

Monday morning

A very wet garden.

It started spitting with rain yesterday late afternoon. It didn't come to much, typically, so I watered the pots yesterday evening anyway. However, the Rain Machine had other plans and when I drew back the curtain this morning it was chucking it down and, judging by all the puddles, had been doing so for quite a while. Excellent. The beds are getting a great soaking and I don't have to water the pots this morning. For once it got right for the children. Lovely half term weather with rain holding off until they start back to school.

I used up the last of the three packs of chicken yesterday. I made some spicy chicken burgers by mincing up the chicken (in the zizzer), then also mincing a variety of ingredients, most of which I can't recall now. It was a see how it goes thing using what came to hand. They included onion, garlic, fresh chili (a green turning red one), spices, lemon zest and juice, red pepper, grated bread to make fresh breadcrumbs - that sort of thing. It all squidged together nicely, I shaped some burgers by hand and then open froze them before popping into a bag. I'm having a couple tonight for dinner so I'll let you know! :0)

And it's back to school today. Such a shame, it's been a lovely break but the daily crust must be earned. I didn't get as far as I'd hoped with those reports, but never mind, can't be helped now.
I'll have to dig in now and get it all sorted.

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