Wednesday 15 June 2011

Wednesday morning

I love cross-curricular work. We've been looking at Kandinsky's Concentric Circles - a real gift of a work of art for teachers of littlies. The top photo is a mixture of maths, art and ICT, using Dazzle to create our own versions, entitled Concentric Shapes. The second is fabric painting - art witha bit of maths thrown in. Not so much maths this time as most of them opted to do circles. Hard to do, quite messy, but very, very enjoyable. We'll do it again but next time we will water the paint down a little bit. It was very thick and didn't flow onto the fabric all that well. Each child created their own square and they were then stapled onto the display board - it's big, bright and very impressive. I reckon Mr Kandinsky would be proud of us!!!

Hay fever time has hit and hit hard. I haven't had much trouble so far this season but yesterday as I got to school it was overwhelming. Thoroughly disgusting until the tablet I took started to work. And today also feels uncomfortable. I reckon I will have to take the tablets regularly for a few weeks now - can't have that happening every day! It's a shame because the last few years I have got away with minimal medication for it. That's life!!

After that little blip, the rest of the day was good. PPA and coordinator time a.m. where I got a lot of stuff done for sports day. In the afternoon we had a geographical field 'trip' - plants in the school environment. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all, although I was extremely glad I had taken that tablet. What a glorious afternoon - warm, sunny and the children were engaged and busy. What more could an infant teacher ask for?

And I'm still revelling in the glow of having finished and handed in those reports!

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