Thursday 16 June 2011

Thursday morning

It 'pays' to be honest!
At school we have a designated area on the network that only teachers can access. Within it there's all sorts of stuff including planning, info, photos, assessment updates, etc. Over half term we were supposed to update certain things. I did it at home but then forgot to put the finished things back on the pool until last weekend, so I promptly did it on Monday. I had such a conscience about it (silly, maybe, but that's me) that I apologised to the person who asked for it to be done. She gave me a very wry smile and said 'Don't worry, you aren't the only one'.
Ooops. At least mine *are* done now and I feel better about it!

Why is it that the 'failings' of others make us feel better? A very human reaction but strange. Perhaps it's a fellow feeling - a sort of 'thank goodness I'm not the only one to get it wrong' reaction. It certainly isn't, for me, a gloating thing - I hope it isn't anyway.

Now on to the curriculum wheel. Loadsa highlighting of statements in such tiny writing that I have difficulty seeing it and my eyes go blurry. Not a task I enjoy but it has to be done! It was agreed ages ago that tick lists are pretty worthless as an assessment tool. This is the modern equivalent! Ho hum!

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