Wednesday 29 June 2011

Wednesday evening

It's turned out a bit warm at times today but it's now chilled nicely and I'm starting to feel sleepy.

Today has been just One Of Those Days. L and I suddenly realised that we hadn't done the run offs for the speed races on Sports Day, nor had we done the long jump to find the 'best' boy and girl in the year. As a result, all morning was spent getting that sorted, thankfully in cool, fresh conditions. The afternoon was library and PPA and then K very kindly read them a story so I could continue with sports day preparations. Goodness, I am going to miss her so much next year!!!

As for the Wizard of Oz, we had a run through all the songs this morning and it wasn't so bad really. Monday is the first full run through - that will be the real test! I have the songs going round and round in my head. There's some very naff words.
Ha ha ha
Ho ho ho
And a couple of tra la las
. . . it's driving me crazy right now!
Absolutely crazy!!!

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