Friday 24 June 2011

Friday morning

Another week nearly over. Twenty one days to go! Woohoo. The long 'holiday' seems so close now and we're all going 'where has the year gone?'. It does seem to have sped past abnormally quickly this year. It can't just be getting old because the younger teachers are saying the same thing. Maybe it's because we're always so incredibly busy. Maybe that's what it is.

We had our stock ordering meeting last night, after school. Judging by the weary faces and the number of choccy based mini-bites that were consumed, everyone else is as worn out as I feel. I won't hand in the orders until Monday - that gives everyone a chance to add anything that they missed.

And today the littlies have some nice practical stuff. Using a metre ruler to measure how far they can throw a beanbag, thinking about jobs in the local area, a PSHE task based on a nice book about special things and a few other bits and bobs. Nice!

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