Thursday 30 June 2011

Thursday evening

A very strange thing happened this morning. I tried to send a message and it wouldn't go. After that I couldn't access my dashboard at all, although I could at school. I couldn't again this evening, going the usual route through 'my account'. But I opened another blog (not one of mine), clicked on 'log in' and it brought me straight to my dashboard (without logging in) Very weird indeed. I have no idea what's up. No idea at all!

Anyway, I got loads done today. The school was closed because of staff industrial action but a few teachers and other staff were in. I was well pleased with the amount of work we got done. Assessments, a very important piece of paperwork, a lot of sorting out and three practice sessions on the piano. I think it's getting better slowly now - I can get to the end of most of the music without breaking down. Fingers crossed (but not while I'm playing)!

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