Saturday 4 June 2011

Saturday lunchtime

When I got home from a little bit of shopping I found three exciting things waiting.

The first was a parcel from Amazon which is a step attachment for my Wii balance board, so that when I do the step exercises I'm working a bit harder. I will 'christen' them later on.

The second was three grafted tomato plants which I ordered a couple of months ago and which are now in their home pots, well watered and, hopefully, feeling right at home against a nice warm wall. I'm hoping that, being grafted, they will be more blight resistant and give me loads of lovely fruit in late summer and through autumn. What with the herbs, the courgette and the tomatoes, my garden is now more than just a pretty place.

The third was a letter I have been waiting for which required an immediate response - so I did!

And now I am going to make my lunch and sit comfortably outside with a magazine and relax. Stuff the reports! :0)

Photo: Attractive leaves.

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