Thursday 23 June 2011

Thursday morning

I cannot believe it is really Thursday morning. This is scary - the week is going so quickly. There are now 22 teaching days until the end of the school year, that's all. Twenty one if you count the strike day next week. That's all!!! No time at all.
The reports are done, the coloured tracking grids are done, the Target Tracker data has been entered, the SEN paperwork is up to date . . . just the curriculum wheels to do now.

I've heard from Eddie - my PC has been done, whatever that means, and he will bring it back at some point. I have no idea what was wrong but I guess he will tell me when he brings it over. Whether I will understand what he tells me is quite another matter, of course. The chances are I won't, but maybe I can pretend.

There's nothing like the good, old-fashioned British weather to spoil an afternoon's planned outside activity lesson, is there. Pouring down, it was, yesterday afternoon, so my two remaining groups had to convert it to an indoor lesson with the hope of going out to check their answers at some convenient point in the future! They like wet playtimes occasionally though, because they get to watch part of a DVD!

And this morning it is outdoor PE so, of course, it is going to rain! Buckets of the stuff . . . bound to - it always does at the moment. Ho hum!

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