Saturday 18 June 2011

Saturday morning

An unusual start to the day - unusual for me, that is. I got up very early, did some stuff, felt weary, went back to bed and slept for another two hours or so. Most unusual and very welcomed. Now it's bright and sunny, although it has obviously been raining hard overnight and there may be more to come. Still no complaints though, especially on DD's behalf. It's jolly hard work running an allotment when everything's bone dry.

Today is a housework day. The planning is more or less done and just needs tweaking, the house is a tip and I have Eddie coming at four to look at my increasingly slow PC and give it a health check. Fingers crossed he will bring it back to its previous speedy state. George might be coming, it depends what the weather does. We have an agreement that if the weather is bad he won't come.

The rain has improved the look of my front 'lawn' (cough, cough). It was looking dire after the work on next door's front and my pathway - hardly surprising as some heavy machinery needed to be rolled over it. It was dry and yellow. It's now sparse but lush and green. I still think it needs a good redoing though, from someone who knows what he's doing and has the heavy garden roller to match!

Twenty five teaching days to go. Eeek!

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