Wednesday 22 June 2011

Wednesday morning and some photos

The first of the three is out and about now.

The pinks are a mass of colour and very lovely they are too.

The first courgette didn't come to anything: it was obviously not fertilised. This one was - I made sure of that!

I hate and loathe these, but they do make an interesting photo!

Ooops, I missed yesterday's posting. Sorry. I was a bit rushed in the morning and in the evening I was so tired I didn't set up the laptop at all.

It was a very pleasant day again, although it got a bit humid at times. PPA and coordinator time in the morning, followed by a nice practical outside activity for half of the class in the afternoon. The other half will do it today. After school I had a meeting which went well and then it was home to fall asleep in my comfortable chair.

Today is a full day's teaching (great!) apart from a half hour of PPA, followed by staff meeting (assessment!). So I guess it will be more snoozing in the chair this evening.

No news about my poorly PC!

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