Friday 24 June 2011

Friday evening

Another 'interesting' day as I again accompanied the Juniors for their singing practice. It seemed a bit better this time and soon I might even be able to take my eyes off the score for a few seconds to watch the conductor! You never know. I did have fun slushing around with 'Over the Rainbow' before the juniors came into the hall though. It is a beautiful song and the harmonies sometimes send a little shiver down my spine! And it's slow enough for me to manage, even with my poor score reading skills.

I have my baby back!!! Eddie brought it round about an hour ago and it's working again. I was glad of the the school laptop, but I prefer my own keyboard to the laptop keyboard. He also got it all wirelessed up so now I don't have to fuss around with connecting it or the laptop up to the modem. It gives me more flexibility and now DG can bring his own laptop when he comes round. Cool!

And now the weekend has begun. I'm relaxing with some strawberry cider (is that a contradiction in terms) that looks like sparkling rose and tastes satisfyingly fruity. And Al, it comes from Somerset!

I read something today that made me jealous. William and Kate are, on their trip to Canada, visiting Prince Edward Island, because some of Kate's favourite books as a girl were the Anne books. Mine too, and I've always wanted to go to P E I. I guess I never will, but I hope Kate has a wonderfal wallow in childhood nostalgia. She's a lucky lady!

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