Thursday 2 June 2011

Thursday morning

The brave little courgette, rapidly becoming not so little any more!

Another chilly morning but not nearly as shiver-creating as yesterday was, and the sun looks set to shine again. I've started sneezing after my trip to the shed, so must remember to take the anti-sneeze stuff when I next go into the kitchen.

Today I have some strawberry and rhubarb jam to make and a tortilla pizza to create. The jam is really in two stages, softening the fruit and adding the sugar, and then the boiling to setting point. I'll do the first bit early, then leave it while I do other things and boil it up this afternoon. I find that doing it with the gap is a great way to ensure that all the sugar disolves properly. As far as the pizza is concerned, I shall use one of the little tubs of tomato sauce I made earlier on in the week, add some oregano and then just soften some appropriate veg in as little oil as I can possibly get away with. Then everything will be ready to assemble and I reckon a quick blast in Handy Andy is all it will need this evening. I reckon the calories will be about 250 - 100 for the mini-tortilla, about 90 for the cheese and the rest is the toppings.

I'll let you know!

Edited to say the jam is made. It was quicker than I expected. Four nice little pots of deliciousness - well, to be strictly accurate, three and just over half! One for DD and DG, one for a friend and one and a half for me. Just right!

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