Wednesday 1 June 2011

Wednesday evening

It's been a lovely warm day today after a very chilly start indeed. The heating clicked on and, while the house was cosy, I shivered as I made my way to the shed to collect the frozen stuff for the day. I was glad to get indoors again and shut the window.

Then was a big rush round to get the downstairs clean and tidy before my friend arrived but, as always, it was well worth the effort. Because I have such a lovely lot of space downstairs, it scrubs up a real treat: once I have finished I always vow that I'm going to keep it like that but I never do! Lazy me! But just now I can look around with considerable pleasure.

Well, as posted earlier, the tortilla quiche was a great success, so much so that L took a detour to Morrison's on the way home to get the necessary and has made it for her menfolk for their evening meal. That's certainly a vote of confidence, isn't it? I had also bought some mini tortillas and tomorrow I am using one of them as a base for a tortilla pizza. Talk about fusion food, eh? I have some bits of left-over cold meat and I have the low fat cheese that I needed to get for the quiche, so it should work very well and be very satisfying.

I had to pop down to Morrison's myself this evening to get some money out so, while I was there, I popped into the store and they had fresh rhubarb. Yay! I got some and some strawberries and have found a recipe for strawberry and rhubarb jam - I think the combination of the two fruits is a match made in gastronomic heaven - so that's what I will be doing tomorrow . . . perfect preserves!

And finally I got an email from the local PYO to say that gooseberry picking starts tomorrow. I think a nice big bag of frozen gooseberries in the freezer would be a very good thing so I'll pop down there at some point, but not tomorrow as the day is already timetabled out.

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