Friday 17 June 2011

Friday evening . . .

. . . and be careful what you wish for.

I wanted rain. Lots of rain. Guess what we've got. Yup, that's right -lots of rain. Wet lunchtime, wet playtime . . . and a non uniform day to cap it all. They had to come in dressed as film characters. All in aid of charity. Talk about hyper!

I need to explain. We have 'houses' at our school. Like teams. The children win house points, run for their house on sports day, etc, and each house gets to organise one fund raising event per year. Today was one of them, in aid of Help for Heroes, a wonderful charity and one I am so proud the children chose to adopt. Judging by the number of super-heroes I saw today, it was heroes for Heroes. So appropriate.

It was just a shame about the rain, but never mind, the children had a wonderful day, they looked amazing and well over £300 was raised. Really good for an event organised by children.

And my beds, DD's allotment, everyone's gardens have received a really good soaking. So despite the rain it has been a wonderful day. No complaints from me!

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