Tuesday 1 October 2013


Good morning, everyone!  It's still dark - very dark - outside as the street lights haven't come on yet but the small sliver of moon is clear and bright and, brrrrr, it felt cold when I opened the front door just now.  Not frosty cold but definitely down into single figures.  It can't be long before the first frost and I will be saying farewell to the hundreds and thousands and the runner beans, both of which have served me faithfully this summer.  I'm rather hoping it won't be until the half term though, because then I will have time to strip the remaining tomatoes and make gallons of chutney.

Yesterday we had lovely weather.  It wasn't hot but it was delightfully warm in the sun and I was lucky enough to be on playground duty morning and afternoon so got full benefit from it.  I hope today is similar.

I think teacher try out is over now.  Yesterday they were all delightful which was just as well as I had totally forgotten I was being observed.  It was by a trainee teacher so it needed to be good and it was OK , I hope.  She went away with plenty of ideas anyway, and was scribbling comments the whole time.  I just hope they were  positive comments.  The children rose to the occasion and were very responsive and well behaved.

Today is the day I am with my class until playtime and then it's non contact time.  Much better than last year when I had a bit here, a bit there and only one day when I was with my class all day.  It's just the way the chips fall, no complaints whatsoever, but it is easier for me this year, much easier.  All my cover teachers are brilliant too.

We're doing a super art thing this week.  Apple printing in the style of Warhol - same print, different colours.  They really enjoyed the short preliminary 'whole class teaching', looking at various Warhols and commenting on similarities and differences, and then we set to and printed.  It will take several afternoons (and several apples) for everyone to have a turn but it will be worth it!  Already the results are good and the children were very satisfied.  I felt excited while planning it and when that happens I know it's going to go well - that's the secret, I guess.  If a lesson plan bores the teacher, it's hardly likely to engage the class, is it?
Borrowed from Google Images
Yes, we looked at this one and a few others!

And talking of planning, I need to go over mine for today so I will stop rambling now!

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