Wednesday 6 March 2013


After a very frosty start yesterday (car scraping time, no less), it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day with sun and warmth and children on the field without coats on.  I am so glad I was on playground duty twice, as it was well worth being outside.  The complaints and the injuries were fewer too, always a bonus, and to cap it all, it was my class' turn on the new adventure playground.

Having just peeked out, there's no frost and, while it is hardly warm, there's a softness in the air, which may or may not signal rain to come.  I'm really hoping it is fine and warm again today, fingers crossed!  Sun = happy children = a lovely feeling in the classroom.  Mind you, one little lad left his coat on hip peg but insisted on going out with his woolly hat, scarf and gloves on!  So sweet!

Have a lovely day, whatever you are planning.

Edited to add: for anyone reading my blog who has posted a genuine comment that has been labelled as spam and therefore deleted, no, I don't use guest writers, thank you, and if you didn't ask us to visit your own blog (usually a porn or gambling site by the looks of it), it wouldn't go into the spam folder.  Hope this helps!

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