Friday 29 March 2013

Good Friday

Good morning to you all!  I keep feeling that today is Saturday.  I know this will come as a great surprise to you (after all, I can't have mentioned it, can I???) but did you realise the Easter holiday has started?  Properly started too, because today is NOT Saturday, it's a week day, so it counts as a proper holiday beginning.
Easter is very early this year which is why it's at the start of the break, not snuggled right in the middle.  That's something for which I am profoundly grateful - this last term has been short enough as it is, but two five week half terms would have been daft and it would have made for an extremely long summer term.

Today has been included in the break because it is a bank holiday, of course.  Not that we get a day extra, of course, it has been taken off somewhere else as it usually happens as part of a school break.

Despite this, it feels like a gift.  What happened at Easter is a gift anyway, of course, but to be at home when normally it would be the last day of the term is a gift, an extra delight to be enjoyed to the maximum.  So today I am doing nothing!  Actually, that's not true, I will do plenty but it may be random, it may be incomplete, it may be fragmented, it is likely to be a PJ day.  And I don't care!  I shall do what I want to do, when I want to do it, more or less.

So, I will be having another go at the Hollywood bloomer.  Last week's didn't quite end up looking like the one on the screen and, although it was delicious, I found it more than a tad too salty after the initial 'yum'.  I've been cutting down on salt somewhat and one of the consequences is that I can taste it more.  So the salt gets cut down.  I also don't think I gave it enough rising time.  On re-watching the programme I realised that he said rising would take over two hours and I'm sure I didn't give it that long.  So - bloomer mark 2 is on the list.

Then there's crochet (and watching rubbish telly).  Also I ought to start a bit of knitting too.  Ironing - well, apart from the fact that there's a basketful of the stuff, I quite like ironing during the daytime when I am feeling bright and breezy and energetic.

Next week I have two friends coming round for dinner - a separate times - so need to start the fun of planning what to make.  The first decision is do I make two courses or three, the starter being the optional bit?  I might go a bit curry-ish for one of the meals and do a lasagna for the other.  I know I can make a tasty lasagna.  I'd quite like to do that scrummy spiced plum recipe again for one of the desserts with custard and maybe a chocolate mousse thing for the other.  I'm going to have such fun planning.

Yesterday was another good day.  Not a lot of learning, of course, although we did manage Word Workshop and there was a concert to go to (op play the piano for) and we had a fire drill.  The best one ever too - the children were silent throughout, all of them, from FS to Y6, and we were all out and accounted for in record time.  Very satisfactory!  The concert went fine although I can't say my playing was all that brilliant in places.  However, it was mostly OK and there were no breakdowns, something I always dread.

And now it is holiday!


  1. Enjoy the break, you thoroughly deserve it. Happy Easter! Jx

  2. Thank you very much, Joan - and the same to you too. Have a lovely weekend.
    J x