Friday 29 March 2013

Pondering on menus

While waiting for the bread dough to rise and the tomato and lentil soup to cook (in Thermione, of course), I have been pondering menus.

Nothing too posh, I don't do posh, but how do these sound?  I have cut starters and might have nibbles out.

First menu:
(small portions of . . .)
Creamy lamb masala OR pork and apricot korma
Best ever chicken balti
Lentil dhal
Steamed basmati rice
something bready - naan or the like
cucumber raita

Mango sorbet.

Second menu:
garlic bread

White chocolate cheesecake.

None of the above is too hard and I have recipes for them all.  There's a few new things but most are tested and trusted recipes.

I was going to do the spiced plums but I'm not sure they would go with the other stuff.

Constructive comments very welcome.


  1. Menus sound lovely. Could you post the recipe for the lentil dahl please

  2. Indeed I could. I'll post it tomorrow in TsRs. :-)
    J x