Tuesday 5 March 2013


A cold and frosty morning, as the song goes, although I don't intend to go round any mulberry bushes today, thank you. I woke feeling quite cold and when i looked out I could see why - the car is white-frosted and the air is bitter.  Pretty!  Yesterday was quite mild too - mild enough for me to give my children the choice of coat or no coat, something they reacted to with glee and a 'do I have to wear my jumper?' (YES!!) and 'is it football day then?' (no).  Funnily enough, more of them wore their coats at lunchtime than at morning play!

We had our meeting, several things were sorted out, dealt with, asked, answered, etc.  And the Mars bar slices (not a very imaginative name, I know.  Sorry) went down a treat.  Another one on the 'to do' list, although next time I won't add marshmallows as Beth then can't have any (non-vegetarian, you see).  I forgot, sorry, dear.

It was a lovely day.  Each year I look forward to these two weeks - looking closely at four old objects and recording information in different ways.  Yesterday it was the chamber pot and very simple mind mapping and we had a lot of fun.  Today it is the brass candle holder (less mysterious than the chamber pot) and bullet points.  Today is hopscotch, bowling with a hoop and skipping.  Today is measuring with a ruler (cms, which is definitely non-Victorian, but you can't have everything, can you?)  Today is looking at William Morris designs and decorating a chamber pot outline.  They are loving this olden days theme, they really are, and so am I.  It makes me wish we had a full six weeks instead of less than five.

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