Wednesday 13 March 2013


I said that yesterday was 'back to normal, sort of' and I was right.  Violin lessons happened as planned and it was rather disruptive.  I lost about half my class at half nine and about the other half at nearly eleven - that was fine but the managing it promised to be complicated with the second group not terribly happy about losing their playtime (well, would you be?).  However, as with a lot of things you worry about, it ended up a lot simpler than expected.

Firstly, we had a special assembly by the Mad Science people which was jolly good and the children had a wonderful time.  Then it was decided that the infants should have an early playtime - the snow had gone, the field was slushy and the top playground was icy so there wasn't an awful lot of play space.  So out we went and by the time the juniors came out and the infants were ushered in it was just time for my second group.
Then it was coordinator time and my usual cover was unwell so it was cover for a cover, so to speak.  It was a bit of a surprise to see her but not a problem.

After lunch, things settled down and afternoon play was a delight - lovely and sunny and, when the wind stopped, not that cold either.  My class had remembered that it was them on the adventure playground and had a wonderful time.

After school it was a rush around to get ready for the evening and then the parents started to arrive and we were off.  It was a nice evening with lots of appreciative comments and happy parents.  Great!!

When I got home at just after nine, I was shattered but needed to unwind, so this morning I'm yawning my head off.  One more session to go and as this one is straight after school we won't be too late home.  I will sleep well tonight, that's for sure.

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