Tuesday 12 March 2013


Good morning, everyone.  It's another bitterly cold morning with snow and a wind that freezes the toenails off your feet.  Not enough snow to create any kind of disruption though, unless it suddenly starts blizzarding in the next hour or so.  From what I can see, the road seems clear and there isn't much snow lying anyway.  No snow day for us!

Yesterday was excellent.  A chap called Andy Meller was speaking about how to be an outstanding teacher.  It was all a bit depressing in a way but he was a fantastic speaker, very funny and very approachable.  I think we all learnt a lot although how long before it all changes again is anyone's guess!!

We had quite a lot of snow through the day, some of it very heavy, but the temperature was just enough above freezing to prevent it from settling most of the time.  I was glad to get home and out of the biting wind into the warmth and comfort of home, where I was so tired that I fell asleep and dozed on and off for most of the evening..

Today is sort of back to normal.  Sort of.  There are violin exams coming up next week and most of my class is involved.  That means I will lose half of my class at nine twenty-five and the other half just before eleven, which is going to prove a bit of a nightmare as they will all be out at play and I am on duty today so can't supervise them indoors.   Brrrrrrr . . .
Tonight is the first consultation evening so I will be staying at school to get things ready and won't be home until around nine.  That's going to make a very long day, especially as I'm on playground duty morning and afternoon.  Oh, well, we will manage, I'm sure.

Have a great  day and stay warm!

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