Monday 18 March 2013


I can boil an egg!!!  Remember the saying 'she/he can't even boil an egg'?  Then Delia commented that it was a most unfair way to judge a cook as, in fact, boiling an egg perfectly was one of the harder things to achieve.  I did note that Thermione boiled eggs (in the inner basket) so I decided to give it a go and you know what?  I have just eaten two beautifully boiled eggs!  Nine minutes at varoma temperature, speed 1.  No more faffing about with saucepans, pricking holes to stop the eggs from cracking, timing carefully, etc.   Just 500ml water, two eggs and a Thermione!  Boiled eggs will be on the menu a lot more from now on!

It's been a very weary weekend.  I've done some cooking, a bit of planning, some crocheting and lots of sleeping.  And I'm still tired.  Ah, well, things will brighten up when I get to school, I am sure.

And thinking of school - better go and get ready!


  1. I must admit I have never thought to boil eggs but I am off to give it a go....

  2. It's in the FEC book!

    J x