Wednesday 20 March 2013


Family assembly this morning and that's the last of the worries for this term.  All downhill from here on!  The holiday diary is getting quite full - I must make sure I blank off some 'me' time or I'll go back feeling more tired than now!   A sign of getting old, I suspect, that I see holidays as time to R&R rather than time to zip about doing loads of energetic stuff!

Yesterday I changed my planning as I saw a way of doing something that I hadn't planned in.  It must have sounded good when I told A as she's doing the same thing today with her class.  It's nice to be spontaneous sometimes.

We're now on the last day of three days of interviews for two teaching posts.  S and N are going to be worn out when it's all over but fingers crossed that we get some really great teachers, people who fit in well and don't jar or conflict.  It's always unsettling when the team dynamics change, even when it is for the better.  Changing for the worse is very difficult indeed so here's hoping . . .

The violin exams went very well indeed.  Each little group of five game back looking as if they had had a great time with the examiner.  They went off happy and they came back happier.  M's organisation worked like a dream.  They all passed!!!  Such a positive introduction to the world of music examinations!

PPA today.  A. won't be there and I have to spend some time with my class (rehearsal!!!) but it's still nice to know that I have some time to plan for next week.  And that after morning play things are back to normal again.  Phew.


  1. Oh wow, well done on those music exams! That is great to hear that they were all happy too.

  2. It is, isn't it. They are jolly lucky - all our infants, including foundation stage, have a violin lesson once a week - a whole class lesson, I mean.

    J x