Friday 8 March 2013


It's not very nice out there at the moment.  It's cold, it's misty going on foggy, it's damp - at least it doesn't appear to be raining for which I am grateful.  Yes - it rained yesterday and we had wet playtimes so my class missed their turn on the new adventure playground.  That didn't go down too well as you can imagine.  I was getting a bit cheesed off, having been in school at 7:30, on early morning duty, worked all the way through morning play and through lunch and looking forward to 15 mins of peace and quiet during afternoon play . . . before the flippin' rain interfered!!!

It was a very busy day.  Partly my fault, of course, it always is, but we have some teachers visiting today to see our 'learning environment'  (excuse me for a moment while I have mild hysterics) so I have to make sure my bay at least pretends to have a 'learning environment'!!
OK, so maybe it's not that bad at all but when one works at  a 'national teaching school', one sets oneself up for that sort of thing, doesn't one?
Which means that one has to be ready for visitors.  And this particular one wasn't.
Well, I will be, once I have hammered on the school door at six (OK, seven thirty, and I won't hammer, I will wait patiently for Steve to arrive and unlock) and have whipped the old stuff down and shoved (carefully arranged) the new stuff up!!

Bet they won't come after all - or they won't be interested in Y1!!!

In other news, I have posted the recipe for Mars bar yums on my other blog.  It can be done either the usual way or using Thermione.  After today, I reckon I will need chocolate so I'm going to make some more this evening!
And I'm going to have a go at making my own coconut milk too.  It looks easy but that might be famous last words! If it works, I fancy making some sort of chicken korma for dinner tomorrow night.  Yum!   In-between writing reports, of course!

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